419 By Sinzu aka Sauce Kid FRAUD??? Can’t Be

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Well we all know rap is about bright lights, fast cars, hot girls, and lots and lots and lots and did I mention LOTS of bling. Rapper Sinzu aka Sauce Kid is the king of that, he is flashy, boastful, talks down on other guys that are not on “his level”. The only thing is, what do you do for a living? We all know he doesn’t have a degree because he has bragged about that, we know he doesn’t have a job in Corporate America because he has bragged about that as well.

The question is, how does Sinzu afford this lavish lifestyle? Houston is notorious for 419, guys do it out here like they are going to a regular 9-5. Sinzu has frequently come to Houston and has many friends out here and recently it has been reported by  ABC that Mr. Sinzu has been doing credit card fraud. SHOCKER!!!!! NO!!!


If you follow Sinzu on any of his social media you know that his daughter is the world to him. I am sure that he wants to provide the best life for her that he can. Is there a way to be the best father for your daughter behind bars? I think not. Did he not learn anything from Frank Lucas, flashy is not the way to go.  There is so much media coverage on him and his lavish life that when he is in front of the judge and the judge ask how do you make your money, what will he say? Clearly it isn’t from rapping as he has said many times he took a whole year off from the game. The smarter route would have been to live modestly, take care of his daughter, and do his music (Since school isn’t on his mind). But hey what do I know? I’m just a part-time blogger and a girl who has seen 419 boys go down time and time again.

Sinzu claims it isn’t him and he released this photo on twitter via his friend, seems fake to me but I guess this is his way of letting us know that it wasn’t him on the surveillance tapes.



looks like him to me (shrugs) but what do I know?

looks like him to me (shrugs) but what do I know?


Not really sure what Godwon has to do with it, I guess bc Godwon exposed Sinzu but that doesn’t mean he made Sinzu steal someone’s credit card and use it. He just simply called you out on it. Godwon and Sinzu have this long time beef going on, which is crazy because they were actually cool at one point. Sounds like some Tupac and Biggy sh!t to me.

All jokes aside I hope Sinzu can number one take care of his daughter in a more upstanding way and secondly produce some good music. Niggas don’t want to go through the struggle to reach the glorious side, everybody wants it here and now, all eyes on them by any means necessary.  Next time we hear from Sinzu, it might be from behind bars



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