The world is screaming bring back our girls!!!! Mothers hearts are heavy with the thought of what their daughters are going through, women around the world relate to the ‘what if’  factor, what if that was me, my sister, cousin, friend… what if? How can we find these girls and take them out of the belly of the beast? Boko Haram has gotten some media attention but the young girls have brought much attention to the West African country of Nigeria. Here in the United States there were several marches to bring awareness to the cause, celebrities have posted pictures , tweets, hash tags ect about this situation in Nigeria.

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Everyone is saying PRAY!!! PRAY!!! PRAY!!! Pray for the return of these girls. Yes I am a Christian, I love some Jesus (He’s my homey) but I am a firm believer that God helps those that helps themselves. What people should be asking is what is the Nigerian government doing to get these girls back?  I watched a video on CNN with the Boko Haram “Leader” saying how he sells women. If you watched the same video I saw, he looked shabby and he didn’t speak well, he sounded as if he was a bit mentally slow and the guys behind him looked even worse! So why is it Nigeria, the GIANT of Africa cannot put money together to flush the fools out? Wasn’t it Goodluck  Jonathan’s daughter who recently got married, and custom-made gold iphones were given away as a thank you to guest for attending? For a country where a vast majority of its citizens are living well below the poverty line by any country’s standards that sure is a lavish gift to give! Not only were iphones given away…. Excuse me GOLD plated iphones but the new couple received about 80 cars given to them by different governors and contractors invited to the wedding. I say all this not because I am hating, more power to them whoo hoo for love and money, but not stolen money. That whole wedding was funded with stolen money that should go to the people. What do two people need with 80 cars? Did they even think to donate those cars that they would probably never use for a good cause?

As I was listening to NPR today they reported eight more girls have been taken!!! EIGHT MORE!!!! In that same segment it was said that the United States has sent a team into Nigeria to find the girls. Apparently five years ago when this whole Boko Haram mess started the United States offered assistance but the Nigerian Government said no. Let’s just let that sink in for a minute….. still sinking in. Yes the Nigerian Government said no and on more than one occasion. Why you ask? Because the government thought it would be shameful or embarrassing to ask for outside help. More embarrassing than having thousands of your people killed for…. hmm good question. Yes people this is what you call PRIDE. It gets the best of us but dang really?! This whole Boko Haram thing could have been nipped in the bud a long time ago.

Spokesman Jay Carney said “time is of the essence.” He urged the Nigerian government to ensure that it is using all available resources to ensure the safe return of the girls. Now lets examine that statement “He urged the Nigerian government to ensure that it is using all available resources to ensure the safe return of the girls” hmmmm all available resources. I could go on another rant about how the government is corrupt and all the resources are in a few people’s accounts not trickling down to anyone else, but HEY you already know that story.

I know I sound as if I am just bashing the Nigerian government but the honest truth is this, Western and European countries don’t expect more from black nations. Why should they when Africa always has its hand out looking for aid when all the leaders have the funds in their account. If the money of Nigeria was working for Nigeria, there would be a top of the line Military, with top of the line weapons, the best trained Soldiers ect. Instead you can’t tell if the Soldiers are Boko Haram or is Boko Haram are the Soldiers. Nigeria is a black Nation that does not need any outside help. These girls should have never been taken and when the first group of girls was taken there should have been more done to make sure nothing like this happens again. Unfortunately more were abducted. If this directly affected the officials of Nigeria everyone in the world would have heard that day. If it were not for ALL this media attention Goodluck would be sitting in his home with one of those custom-made gold iphones minding his own business. It is safe to say that man does not care what happens to his people!


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