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She doesn't look happy!

She doesn’t look happy!


Mom, Dad, Brothers, Church Members, any adult that is easily offended, please do me a favor and do not read this blog!!!! I repeat if you are offended easily do not read this blog. You have been WARNED.


Last week it was a friend of mines birthday and so we celebrated by having a birthday dinner for her (my social life has been quite active for the past few weeks hence the reason why there hasn’t been a blog) and we had the hottest guy as our waiter, which I kindly harassed. He came over and I was like “my my my aren’t you cute?!” lol Yes I am THAT friend. He chuckled and was a good sport about it, but when he left we had a convo about his nationality. He looked like he may have been Asian and White or just a White guy with really slanted eyes. Which prompted one of the girls to hold her thumbs up with a frown on her face, which made all the other ladies laugh; I was clueless as to what the laughter was about.  Then she replied with “He probably has a small ****” I was like “Really, why do you say that?” she said “I don’t know I just get that vibe”. Then one of the other ladies chimed in saying there was…. Key word WAS a guy she was going to “get with” but his man part was the sized of her index finger and she could not possibly waste a number (sleep with) on a guy with a small penis. All of a sudden the small penis stories poured out! I was shocked! I didn’t know it was so common.

All the men they were talking about were Black or African. I thought the myth was that Black guys have huge penises not to even mention guys from Africa!!! Am I missing something? Isn’t this the myth that White people have created that Black and African men have big ol Mandingos? I was super shocked!

I asked them if the guys at least made money and they said not really lol. Well damn pick a struggle! How are you going to be broke and have a below average penis? They did say the men they mentioned were skilled in their head game, which I guess you have to be, I mean…. Come on!

The question was presented could you marry someone with a well below average penis if their head game was on point? One lady spoke up and said yes if he had everything else she looked for in a man. That means she would be willing to endure a small penis for the rest of her life!  The other ladies were not so sure about that, their faces were turning every which way, heads were shaking, it was a tossup. I mean that’s a hard pill to swallow. He has EVERYTHING you need but has a small penis hmmm. The final vote was NO they needed him to at least have an average size penis. They just could not bear the thought of having a guy on top of them making “love” to them and not being able to feel anything (YIKES). But HEY that’s what you have vibrators, oral sex, and whatever other kinky things are out there for.

Fellas if you KNOW you have a small penis (and you know don’t front) do yourself a favor and be super successful. I know some guys will read this and be like “whatever” how much do you make” but I am not the one with a small penis soooo that is irrelevant. When men say they want a woman that is tall, educated with more degrees than a thermometer light/ dark skin blah blah blah, that’s what they go for. SIMPLE! Men will not settle for anything less than what THEY feel they deserve, so why should a woman settle for a broke small penis man?!

Small penis guys, yes you reading this I am going to give you some free advice (I normally charge for this) do yourself a favor be well spoken, dress nice, be a gentleman, and make money. Did I mention how you should make lots of money? It may sound harsh but it’s a lot easier to accept a man with a small penis when he is standing tall on his bank account (just saying). No it does not mean a woman should accept him treating her any kind of way or anything of that nature but it just makes that small penis pill a little easier to swallow, it helps with the guys short comings (yes that was a little shade).

I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on men with small penises. Have you ever run into a guy that’s not packing and if so what did you do?

I know there is going to be some hating guys that will want to comment, but before you do just know that we will all know you have a small penis because that’s the only guys I really see commenting on this blog. If you have a small penis it’s ok, someone has to have them.


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