Forget Normal… Hello Bi-polar


I am not sure why people come to me for relationship advice, but people do! For others I seem to give sound advice (I guess) but when it comes to myself I don’t know up from down, or left to right! Its actually quite crazy.

I had my dentist tell me “I’m too logical” and because of that it will be hard for me to find a man. Yes my dentist and I were cool! He was an OLD man, an old Kappa to be exact who had been divorced 3 times. I figured after 3 marriages he knew a thing or two  but like me didn’t know how to apply it to himself. When he said that, I prayed and rebuked that in the name of Jesus, how will you tell me that I will not get a man because I am too logical? A man should want that; a woman that doesn’t go off the emotional deep end, right?

However it seems to be the crazy @#%$!  getting married (no shade to all my married friends, you ladies are to the exception lol). You know the type that go crazy, that are nuts if you push them.  I’m like what the eff man? Look I just don’t have the energy for all of that. I really don’t. It takes too much time and attention to throw fits, sneak through your mans phone, follow him ect. Is that what love is, because if so, I may want that ship to sail.

According to New York Times who interviewed various men, they said things like “She was never boring”, “it was like figuring out a puzzle” ect ect ect it goes on and on. So working, being cute, self- sufficient, not needy, not bitchy, is dull? I’m so confused.  So sensible women are out and crazy women are in? I think guys SAY they don’t want a mentally disturbed woman but end up with chicks that are a little bit turnt in the head.  They don’t realize it until they are the show “Snapped”!

I mean….. I want to put the effort into getting a spouse but not if it means I have to step out of my element. I want to be the cool, chill chick that I am. I am not going to make a fuss unless I REALLY have to. I know there are other ladies out there like me. You know busy with various things, work, school, multiple businesses, just making things happen for themselves. The last thing we need is a man who doesn’t know what he wants …. Or maybe they do! A PSYCHOPATH (now I’m just being childish). No matter how many people you see walk down aisle don’t change yourself for anyone, unless you are changing yourself for you! “Dull” women unite! (Yea I said that).


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