Would You Date You?

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I know a guy that is handsome, comes from a good family, has a great career, makes loads of money, went to a prestigious school, did I mention he is HOT. On paper he is what women are looking for.  He is what you would consider the ideal guy! Most people tend to look good on paper, but do these things make you a proper candidate for dating or marriage?

Now here are the things that are not on paper. That trip he took to Brazil with his boys where they brought several girls to the room and slept with multiple women that night. Were condoms used? He can’t really remember because he was so drunk but it was a good night! What about his horrible spending habit?  Duh he can’t stay fly without spending stupid amounts of money on the latest! What about the fact that he has local strippers numbers on speed dial, you know just in case.  Don’t get me wrong this is not to pick on men because women are just as guilty. I am sure if we can play memories like a movie that some women in the Houston area would want OTC weekend to be skipped!

The reason why I bring up things like this is because people want to be in relationships with people they think they deserve as oppose to people they actually deserve.  I had one of my guy friends tell me the type of woman he wants to marry. Of course he wanted a woman no one knew, had not been with many guys (or a virgin), smart, educated, the list goes on and on.  Let’s talk about the guy! He is cool otherwise I wouldn’t be friends with him. However if he had a woman like himself, she would have slept with more than one man at a time, be flying from place to place meeting up with various men, having men trick money on her, she would be smart and make money, but the bottom line is she would be a ho (lol).  Doesn’t the Bible say you should be equally yoked?

Not everyone’s issue is sex sometimes it can be attitude, lack of motivation to do more with your life; perhaps you don’t have a good work life balance. The thing is you have to understand and recognize the issue you have. Many people feel they are perfect which is why a guy who has devirginized (my made up word for the day) half the city can stand up and say he wants to marry a virgin. He is delusional as many of us (yes I can be delusional too ) are.

I knew a person that at the end of every year would sit and write out the pros and cons of her life. That to me is really profound. If you don’t take time to evaluate relationships, situations you could have handled better, things that you can improve on about yourself in general then how will you grow? There are some people who think they have it all figured out, then there are others that seem clueless. At the end of the day they both have to live and learn.

No one is perfect but if you know you aren’t ready to have someone’s heart in your hand, it’s better to be alone to sort yourself out, I think you will find the relationship will go smoothly. Make improvements everyday so that you will become irresistible to yourself this making you a hot commodity to someone else!

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