Would You Date You?

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I know a guy that is handsome, comes from a good family, has a great career, makes loads of money, went to a prestigious school, did I mention he is HOT. On paper he is what women are looking for.  He is what you would consider the ideal guy! Most people tend to look good on paper, but do these things make you a proper candidate for dating or marriage?

Now here are the things that are not on paper. That trip he took to Brazil with his boys where they brought several girls to the room and slept with multiple women that night. Were condoms used? He can’t really remember because he was so drunk but it was a good night! What about his horrible spending habit?  Duh he can’t stay fly without spending stupid amounts of money on the latest! What about the fact that he has local strippers numbers on speed dial, you know just in case.  Don’t get me wrong this is not to pick on men because women are just as guilty. I am sure if we can play memories like a movie that some women in the Houston area would want OTC weekend to be skipped!

The reason why I bring up things like this is because people want to be in relationships with people they think they deserve as oppose to people they actually deserve.  I had one of my guy friends tell me the type of woman he wants to marry. Of course he wanted a woman no one knew, had not been with many guys (or a virgin), smart, educated, the list goes on and on.  Let’s talk about the guy! He is cool otherwise I wouldn’t be friends with him. However if he had a woman like himself, she would have slept with more than one man at a time, be flying from place to place meeting up with various men, having men trick money on her, she would be smart and make money, but the bottom line is she would be a ho (lol).  Doesn’t the Bible say you should be equally yoked?

Not everyone’s issue is sex sometimes it can be attitude, lack of motivation to do more with your life; perhaps you don’t have a good work life balance. The thing is you have to understand and recognize the issue you have. Many people feel they are perfect which is why a guy who has devirginized (my made up word for the day) half the city can stand up and say he wants to marry a virgin. He is delusional as many of us (yes I can be delusional too ) are.

I knew a person that at the end of every year would sit and write out the pros and cons of her life. That to me is really profound. If you don’t take time to evaluate relationships, situations you could have handled better, things that you can improve on about yourself in general then how will you grow? There are some people who think they have it all figured out, then there are others that seem clueless. At the end of the day they both have to live and learn.

No one is perfect but if you know you aren’t ready to have someone’s heart in your hand, it’s better to be alone to sort yourself out, I think you will find the relationship will go smoothly. Make improvements everyday so that you will become irresistible to yourself this making you a hot commodity to someone else!

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LUX MONROE *Chic Boutique*

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Bye no means am I a shopper but when I find a good thing I love to share it! I follow a boutique called Lux Monroe on instagram and noticed this wasn’t just an online shop but an actual store. I love to support local businesses so I decided to drop in and started talking to a young lady there only to find out she was the owner. She was pleasant and you can tell she really has a passion for her work.

Love this

Laci Jackson opened up LUX MONROE on W. Alabama in the Galleria area after doing trunk shows and different events for about three years “it was a God thing I was driving, and I made the decision that I wanted to go out and find a location. I had a budget of what I could afford and I don’t even know why I was in the Galleria area, but I got out of my car and just started walking and found something great” said Jackson.


As we continued our conversation I noticed that the clothes and pieces were bold (which I like) Jackson stated “clothing has been the latest edition to my business but it has been the best part, my clothing is very different nothing you can find in the mall. I have statement pieces; bold fashion that I would say is for divas!!!” Lux Monroe’s clothing is sexy, bold, and fun perfect for a night out on the town and perfect for all the divas out there!

Every girl needs a good Romper

Every girl needs a good Romper

Black and White Romper

I love supporting local businesses but more importantly I like to support other women, more important than supporting women, I like to support YOUNG women! Laci is 23 years old and she is already making moves to build an empire. Ladies and gents reading this (men by for your wives, girlfriends ect) take time follow @luxlaci on Instagram and support!

Meet Laci Jackson founder of Lux Monroe


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The Magical O

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An orgasm for most women is a myth. Yes the magical O. Some women will go their whole marriage and never experience an orgasm. Many women don’t even experience a vaginal orgasm until their 30’s. Not only are we complicated emotionally but physically too. If a man can give a woman a proper orgasm consistently it would be hard for her to leave.

Women are more than physical, we require emotional attention as well. What you do 24 hours in advance to you having sexual intercourse with your woman really matters.  Some women are simple so showering her with sweet text messages throughout the day, or putting a love note in her purse unexpectedly will get her juices flowing long before you even think of getting in the bed for the night. If the woman is a shopper surprise her with her with a purse, hell even if she isn’t a shopper a nice hand bag is never a bad idea. If you live together have her daily chores done such as dishes, clean the living area, do the laundry ect you get the idea. Sweet nothings really help you in the sense of getting sex on a regular basis and it helps her bc she is more sexually excited to have sex with you. This is how you get one step closer to giving her the big O.

Statistically 80% of women have never had an orgasm. No fellas it’s not that these women have not met the right man, it’s just some women take a little more TLC to get there if you know what I mean. You have to be willing to put in the work. In order to give a woman a vaginal orgasm you have to know what you are looking for. Using your index or middle finger enter the woman’s vaginal area and about 2/3’s in you should feel a kind of rough spongy area; this area is called the “G-spot”. At this point you want to take time and listen to your lady, if she is feeling right she will let you know through her movements and sounds if it’s not feeling right well…. you will know that too! Also by feeling around with your finger you will have an idea of the area you need to target when having intercourse. The key thing is to listen to your woman’s body, that will tell you if what you are doing is correct.


Most people are familiar with the clitoral orgasm; typically women who cannot get a vaginal orgasm are very familiar with a clitoral orgasm.  The major difference between the vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm is the location, so fellas if at first you don’t succeed try again but with a different method! The clitoris is very sensitive so be gentile with it. If you are reading this chances are you are not in high school any more so moving the finger back and forth over the clitoris in a fast motion will not cut it. You can massage it first with your hand, maybe use a vibrating toy to stimulate sensation, but the best and most selfless thing to do is to stimulate her orally. If you are going to take that step and go there make sure you have done your research. There is nothing worse than a guy ACTING like he knows what he is doing. She will tell you what to do if for whatever reason you didn’t get around to researching things and also listen to her body.

So guys what have we learned today? We learned that women are much more likely to have sex with you when she sees you when you actually show some effort, and the effort doesn’t always have to be major, but you can never go wrong with a nice hand bag. You also learned how to find the G- spot and that oral stimulation on the clitoris is awesome as long as you do it right! Take this info and go make some lovely lady happy!





Social media is an active part of everyone’s lives. Even if you boycott against Facebook, you are probably on twitter, if you boycott against twitter you are probably on Instagram, or maybe you are like me and on all three. Social media if used for good can be great, I have seen it unite the world for a cause. I know a guy who used social media to help raise money for his mother to help her get cancer treatments, people from all around the world gave money for that.  Whether he knew them or not everyone can relate to wanting to help their mother. Even though the girls are still lost, the world came together when it was made known that 200 plus school girls had been abducted in Nigeria. Social media is indeed a great thing, but how about when social media goes wrong?

Recently this tag #jadapose was brought to my attention. Apparently this young lady, Jada was at a friend’s house where she was drugged and raped. After the rape they decided to take a picture of her naked unconscious body and post it on social media. You would think at this point kids would be like “this isn’t right” “we should inform someone” ect. Instead the kids, her peers started doing the pose that she did in the picture when she was unconscious and raped calling it the #jadapose. Boys and girls alike participated in this act.  They would lay on the ground and imitate Jada.

Young boys mocking Jadas  rape picture

Young boys mocking Jadas rape picture


Jada Pose



I don’t know in what world imitaiting someone who was just raped is a cool thing. This tells us that something is seriously flawed in our youth. Maybe social media has removed feeling and emotion from certain situations. Our youth are exposed to so many things online that there is no shock value anymore. The shock value has been raised so high that its starting to get to a point where people are just doing stupid things because they want someone to look at them. Did this generation not get enough hugs? How many fights can we see on Facebook and Instagram? We know how its going to end, someone is going to be talking sh!t and the other person will more than likely knock them out, end of story. Yet every other post on my new feed is people fighting. Now I guess fighting has gotten boring and so we are highlighting a young girls rape!

I have never been raped and thank God but I can imagine that it would feel like a serious violation. I feel violated when someone touches me unwarranted not to mention if someone drugged me and had their way with me. For someone at the age of 16 to be going through this so publicly takes courage and strength. This is such a private matter and most rape victims don’t even speak up until years later or not at all. Whether she wanted to or not her face and her body was displayed for all to see, then mocked in a cartoonish fashion for others amusement. I stand with Jada because no one deserves to be treated like that, no one deserves to have a piece of themselves taken away and then exposed for the world to see in such a humiliating manner. As I am writing this I am just getting more upset, because it baffles me how people think they have a right to do things to other people such as killing, raping, causing emotional or psychical harm ect. It’s just ridiculous, what kind home were the boys that did this raised in? Houston has been a part of a lot of things but I never thought promoting drugging a young girl and raping her would be one of them.

Despite of all the ugliness that has been going viral regarding this issue there has been many people stepping up to support Jada, including her parents who are her rock during this time. I also searched online and many of her friends as well as complete strangers are speaking up loudly against this foolishness, I even found a song done by an artist named King Fredrick (click his name to hear the song). Watching the interview that Jada did with KHOU she looks like a brave girl who is ready and willing to be the voice for this cause. I always like to see the light at the end of the tunnel and here the light seems dim but I have a good feeling Jada will bounce back and become stronger.  There is still an investigation going on but I hope justice will prevail. Spread the word that having a woman by force is not the new thing, cool, funny, or manly!



No Parent should have to go through this with their child

No Parent should have to go through this with their child


We are here for you Jada!


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Please share and hashtag #justiceforjada

Please share and hashtag #justiceforjada



The world is screaming bring back our girls!!!! Mothers hearts are heavy with the thought of what their daughters are going through, women around the world relate to the ‘what if’  factor, what if that was me, my sister, cousin, friend… what if? How can we find these girls and take them out of the belly of the beast? Boko Haram has gotten some media attention but the young girls have brought much attention to the West African country of Nigeria. Here in the United States there were several marches to bring awareness to the cause, celebrities have posted pictures , tweets, hash tags ect about this situation in Nigeria.

justin t

Everyone is saying PRAY!!! PRAY!!! PRAY!!! Pray for the return of these girls. Yes I am a Christian, I love some Jesus (He’s my homey) but I am a firm believer that God helps those that helps themselves. What people should be asking is what is the Nigerian government doing to get these girls back?  I watched a video on CNN with the Boko Haram “Leader” saying how he sells women. If you watched the same video I saw, he looked shabby and he didn’t speak well, he sounded as if he was a bit mentally slow and the guys behind him looked even worse! So why is it Nigeria, the GIANT of Africa cannot put money together to flush the fools out? Wasn’t it Goodluck  Jonathan’s daughter who recently got married, and custom-made gold iphones were given away as a thank you to guest for attending? For a country where a vast majority of its citizens are living well below the poverty line by any country’s standards that sure is a lavish gift to give! Not only were iphones given away…. Excuse me GOLD plated iphones but the new couple received about 80 cars given to them by different governors and contractors invited to the wedding. I say all this not because I am hating, more power to them whoo hoo for love and money, but not stolen money. That whole wedding was funded with stolen money that should go to the people. What do two people need with 80 cars? Did they even think to donate those cars that they would probably never use for a good cause?

As I was listening to NPR today they reported eight more girls have been taken!!! EIGHT MORE!!!! In that same segment it was said that the United States has sent a team into Nigeria to find the girls. Apparently five years ago when this whole Boko Haram mess started the United States offered assistance but the Nigerian Government said no. Let’s just let that sink in for a minute….. still sinking in. Yes the Nigerian Government said no and on more than one occasion. Why you ask? Because the government thought it would be shameful or embarrassing to ask for outside help. More embarrassing than having thousands of your people killed for…. hmm good question. Yes people this is what you call PRIDE. It gets the best of us but dang really?! This whole Boko Haram thing could have been nipped in the bud a long time ago.

Spokesman Jay Carney said “time is of the essence.” He urged the Nigerian government to ensure that it is using all available resources to ensure the safe return of the girls. Now lets examine that statement “He urged the Nigerian government to ensure that it is using all available resources to ensure the safe return of the girls” hmmmm all available resources. I could go on another rant about how the government is corrupt and all the resources are in a few people’s accounts not trickling down to anyone else, but HEY you already know that story.

I know I sound as if I am just bashing the Nigerian government but the honest truth is this, Western and European countries don’t expect more from black nations. Why should they when Africa always has its hand out looking for aid when all the leaders have the funds in their account. If the money of Nigeria was working for Nigeria, there would be a top of the line Military, with top of the line weapons, the best trained Soldiers ect. Instead you can’t tell if the Soldiers are Boko Haram or is Boko Haram are the Soldiers. Nigeria is a black Nation that does not need any outside help. These girls should have never been taken and when the first group of girls was taken there should have been more done to make sure nothing like this happens again. Unfortunately more were abducted. If this directly affected the officials of Nigeria everyone in the world would have heard that day. If it were not for ALL this media attention Goodluck would be sitting in his home with one of those custom-made gold iphones minding his own business. It is safe to say that man does not care what happens to his people!


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