Social media is an active part of everyone’s lives. Even if you boycott against Facebook, you are probably on twitter, if you boycott against twitter you are probably on Instagram, or maybe you are like me and on all three. Social media if used for good can be great, I have seen it unite the world for a cause. I know a guy who used social media to help raise money for his mother to help her get cancer treatments, people from all around the world gave money for that.  Whether he knew them or not everyone can relate to wanting to help their mother. Even though the girls are still lost, the world came together when it was made known that 200 plus school girls had been abducted in Nigeria. Social media is indeed a great thing, but how about when social media goes wrong?

Recently this tag #jadapose was brought to my attention. Apparently this young lady, Jada was at a friend’s house where she was drugged and raped. After the rape they decided to take a picture of her naked unconscious body and post it on social media. You would think at this point kids would be like “this isn’t right” “we should inform someone” ect. Instead the kids, her peers started doing the pose that she did in the picture when she was unconscious and raped calling it the #jadapose. Boys and girls alike participated in this act.  They would lay on the ground and imitate Jada.

Young boys mocking Jadas  rape picture

Young boys mocking Jadas rape picture


Jada Pose



I don’t know in what world imitaiting someone who was just raped is a cool thing. This tells us that something is seriously flawed in our youth. Maybe social media has removed feeling and emotion from certain situations. Our youth are exposed to so many things online that there is no shock value anymore. The shock value has been raised so high that its starting to get to a point where people are just doing stupid things because they want someone to look at them. Did this generation not get enough hugs? How many fights can we see on Facebook and Instagram? We know how its going to end, someone is going to be talking sh!t and the other person will more than likely knock them out, end of story. Yet every other post on my new feed is people fighting. Now I guess fighting has gotten boring and so we are highlighting a young girls rape!

I have never been raped and thank God but I can imagine that it would feel like a serious violation. I feel violated when someone touches me unwarranted not to mention if someone drugged me and had their way with me. For someone at the age of 16 to be going through this so publicly takes courage and strength. This is such a private matter and most rape victims don’t even speak up until years later or not at all. Whether she wanted to or not her face and her body was displayed for all to see, then mocked in a cartoonish fashion for others amusement. I stand with Jada because no one deserves to be treated like that, no one deserves to have a piece of themselves taken away and then exposed for the world to see in such a humiliating manner. As I am writing this I am just getting more upset, because it baffles me how people think they have a right to do things to other people such as killing, raping, causing emotional or psychical harm ect. It’s just ridiculous, what kind home were the boys that did this raised in? Houston has been a part of a lot of things but I never thought promoting drugging a young girl and raping her would be one of them.

Despite of all the ugliness that has been going viral regarding this issue there has been many people stepping up to support Jada, including her parents who are her rock during this time. I also searched online and many of her friends as well as complete strangers are speaking up loudly against this foolishness, I even found a song done by an artist named King Fredrick (click his name to hear the song). Watching the interview that Jada did with KHOU she looks like a brave girl who is ready and willing to be the voice for this cause. I always like to see the light at the end of the tunnel and here the light seems dim but I have a good feeling Jada will bounce back and become stronger.  There is still an investigation going on but I hope justice will prevail. Spread the word that having a woman by force is not the new thing, cool, funny, or manly!



No Parent should have to go through this with their child

No Parent should have to go through this with their child


We are here for you Jada!


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Please share and hashtag #justiceforjada

Please share and hashtag #justiceforjada

“Oh I’m Celibate”

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When women get together and talk we can be worse than men sometimes. Naturally we are detailed in many aspects of life so why wouldn’t we be when it comes to talking about sex? When we (women) are in the midst of telling some juicy sex gist there is always one chick that is like “Hmm I wouldn’t know about that I don’t have sex”. Can we say Debbie downer?!  Why do we need to know you are celibate? Celibate lets me know you have had sex so if someone is talking about d*** you know exactly what it is and have dealt with it, probably on several occasions. Why act brand new, getting the d is like riding a bike, you never forget!



Do not get me wrong if there are people out there who have decided to go that route, great for you!!! I am symbolically clapping for you. I just do not feel like I need to know. There are men who choose this path but they are not loud about it. They tell the woman they are dating as they should, but they aren’t around announcing it to the world. WOMEN lawd lawd lawd want to tell everyone! “Hey look at me, I don’t have sex” “ A penis no, no, no I have seen one in 3 years” “whoa girl I haven’t had sex in so long, but that guy right there; IF I was having sex girl he could get it”. It’s too much, it really is. How many people do you hear walking around talking about “Hey look at me I’m f******” “Just in case you all were wondering I AM SEXUALLY ACTIVE” “I can hardly wait to my next piece of D”. I don’t know about you but I have never heard a woman say this, but yet the Celibatians (I just gave them that name lol not an actual term) feel like they need to let everyone know. I guess maybe they feel like it is winning them some brownie points somewhere.

When I hear a Celibatian speak, celebrating how they aren’t getting any to people who really don’t care (its true we don’t) I always think, there is a reason why this woman is celibate and telling everyone! Some women just want to wait until they are married after they have “slipped” and had sex with someone who maybe didn’t appreciate them.  Scenario two they were getting down with everyone and decided hey I am on the borderline of being a hoe let me cease and desist giving up the booty for a while.  When I hear women say that she doesn’t have sex I always think the latter. I could be wrong but that’s what pops into my head. Usually when people do something extreme there is a reason for it.

I think being celibate is not easy and everyone that is participating in that currently my hats off to you but just keep it to yourself until you meet the person you want to be with and tell them because in all actuality that is the only person that needs to know what you are doing and have done with your vagina.


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Is That All?

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She doesn't look happy!

She doesn’t look happy!


Mom, Dad, Brothers, Church Members, any adult that is easily offended, please do me a favor and do not read this blog!!!! I repeat if you are offended easily do not read this blog. You have been WARNED.


Last week it was a friend of mines birthday and so we celebrated by having a birthday dinner for her (my social life has been quite active for the past few weeks hence the reason why there hasn’t been a blog) and we had the hottest guy as our waiter, which I kindly harassed. He came over and I was like “my my my aren’t you cute?!” lol Yes I am THAT friend. He chuckled and was a good sport about it, but when he left we had a convo about his nationality. He looked like he may have been Asian and White or just a White guy with really slanted eyes. Which prompted one of the girls to hold her thumbs up with a frown on her face, which made all the other ladies laugh; I was clueless as to what the laughter was about.  Then she replied with “He probably has a small ****” I was like “Really, why do you say that?” she said “I don’t know I just get that vibe”. Then one of the other ladies chimed in saying there was…. Key word WAS a guy she was going to “get with” but his man part was the sized of her index finger and she could not possibly waste a number (sleep with) on a guy with a small penis. All of a sudden the small penis stories poured out! I was shocked! I didn’t know it was so common.

All the men they were talking about were Black or African. I thought the myth was that Black guys have huge penises not to even mention guys from Africa!!! Am I missing something? Isn’t this the myth that White people have created that Black and African men have big ol Mandingos? I was super shocked!

I asked them if the guys at least made money and they said not really lol. Well damn pick a struggle! How are you going to be broke and have a below average penis? They did say the men they mentioned were skilled in their head game, which I guess you have to be, I mean…. Come on!

The question was presented could you marry someone with a well below average penis if their head game was on point? One lady spoke up and said yes if he had everything else she looked for in a man. That means she would be willing to endure a small penis for the rest of her life!  The other ladies were not so sure about that, their faces were turning every which way, heads were shaking, it was a tossup. I mean that’s a hard pill to swallow. He has EVERYTHING you need but has a small penis hmmm. The final vote was NO they needed him to at least have an average size penis. They just could not bear the thought of having a guy on top of them making “love” to them and not being able to feel anything (YIKES). But HEY that’s what you have vibrators, oral sex, and whatever other kinky things are out there for.

Fellas if you KNOW you have a small penis (and you know don’t front) do yourself a favor and be super successful. I know some guys will read this and be like “whatever” how much do you make” but I am not the one with a small penis soooo that is irrelevant. When men say they want a woman that is tall, educated with more degrees than a thermometer light/ dark skin blah blah blah, that’s what they go for. SIMPLE! Men will not settle for anything less than what THEY feel they deserve, so why should a woman settle for a broke small penis man?!

Small penis guys, yes you reading this I am going to give you some free advice (I normally charge for this) do yourself a favor be well spoken, dress nice, be a gentleman, and make money. Did I mention how you should make lots of money? It may sound harsh but it’s a lot easier to accept a man with a small penis when he is standing tall on his bank account (just saying). No it does not mean a woman should accept him treating her any kind of way or anything of that nature but it just makes that small penis pill a little easier to swallow, it helps with the guys short comings (yes that was a little shade).

I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on men with small penises. Have you ever run into a guy that’s not packing and if so what did you do?

I know there is going to be some hating guys that will want to comment, but before you do just know that we will all know you have a small penis because that’s the only guys I really see commenting on this blog. If you have a small penis it’s ok, someone has to have them.


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How Important Is The Value Of Your Name

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Yesterday I was involved in a lively group chat on Groupme. My cousin is getting married and his wife started a GroupMe chat for all the asoebi ladies. We talked about this and we talked about that. Keep in mind these ladies are from all over the country. One lady asked “Whats up with the Houston guys (Nigerian guys)? I have thought about moving there but I heard the dating scene in Houston is tough.” This is not the first time I have heard women in other parts of the country talk about the Nigerian guys in Houston. It seems they have made quite a reputation for themselves. I responded to her with “I think if you grew up or went to college here its hard because you may have slept with one guy, maybe two, possibly seen having lunch with 3 (as friends) and someone has seen you and now you are labeled as a ho”

Yup!!! That’s exactly the way it works. There could be a group of guys sitting around and a girl will walk by and the guy will randomly say “Oh yea so and so smashed her” keep in mind the guy that is saying all of this may have never even spoken two words to the girl EVER in his life but he THINKS he knows who she has let in-between her legs.

Women are not exempt from this either. There was/is a girl I know and every time you mention a guys name that is interested in you she knows someone he did wrong, use to date, or he has tried to holla at her. Now if I tell you about a guy that I am into why do I care to hear about him and your homegirl I do not know nor do I care about? Furthermore if I am interested in a guy how is telling me that he tried to “Holla” at you going to help me out? Some womans’ definition of “holla” is suspect. A guy may say oh “Ngozi you are a fine babe you know I am going to make you my wife” and the girl will now walk around with her head in the clouds like “Emeka wants me oooo” NO NO NO he does not want you lol and that’s not hollering. Anyway I digress (I do that often)

The name spoiling has just gotten out of control especially among the guys. The reason I say it’s among the guys is because some guys will go around and ruin a girl’s name because she turned him down. Yes guys lie on their dicks all the time, but if one guy is sitting with another and say “Oh yea I hit that” is the guy that he is telling that to going to go ask the girl “Hey did you and John have sex?” of course not!!! (Negro you ain’t gotsta lie) He will take John at his word and keep it moving scratching that girl off of his list as a potential and also discouraging any of his friends from talking to her as well by simply saying “I heard she smashed so and so” or “I mean you can talk to her if you want to but I mean… I don’t know dude” boom she is done!



A lot can be said for a guy who feels the need to ruin the name of girls he has slept with or just hating on because the girl has not allowed the guy to sleep with her . The worst is when a woman is married and now the guys want to start saying “So did you hear Jennifer is married, dude I use to beat that shit up all time ect ect ect”. Why? Why do you feel the need to comment on that as a man, what is that doing for you? Is it growing your money, is it making your value rise? What is the point? She is a married woman now and you deem it acceptable to speak of her in this manner?

I was involved in a relationship once and the guy explained some things to me because I had a lot of male friends. No I wasn’t sleeping with them, we were just cool. I have never really been the type to hang out with a bunch of women. One day I was collecting donations for a church function we were having, I was on the phone with my boyfriend but I had to stop by my friend’s house to collect the check. It was about 10:45pm and the friend was a guy. My boyfriend knew what I was doing but when I came out he gave me some good advice that I still use till this day. He said “now even though I know the reason you stopped at his house what if his friend happened to drop by? Do you know what they would assume? They would think you are about to smash or you just got done. Then he will go and say something to someone else and so on and so forth”. This could be considered an extreme example but I understood what he is saying and changed my movements and made a point to get more girlfriends in my life I could hang and chill with. I don’t want anyones wife, girlfriend, sidechick, chick he smashes on occasion, or anyone else for that matter to think one thing or another.

Even with all that, the sad truth is guys will be guys and they are going to talk whether its true or not. Some of the girls they talk about are truly whores and others not so much at the end of the day it’s all about how you carry yourself that will make people think otherwise. If you have only HEARD things about someone I implore you to make your own decsion about them before writing him or her off, you could be missing out on the best thing that ever happened to you all because of what one bitter person or person that doesn’t even know them said!


P.S. hating ass females do the same thing. They will say something to a guy about you bc they are jealous or bc they want the guy but can’t get him. So fellas don’t listen when women tell you negative things about other women bc females ALWAYS have an agenda #justsaying

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LOVE or Marriage

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Love or marriage, that is the question, ideally every girl would like to have both but as I am seeing more and more weddings happening I am starting to think many women are just choosing to be married, just to say they are married. I get it, their status changes, maybe others will look at them with more respect, and some feel like it’s just the next step in life. Would you choose marriage if you knew your guy was cheating on you, or if you felt that wasn’t the right person? It seems many women are choosing money or status. In the Nigerian community marriage is celebrated with extravagance, who has the biggest wedding and who can do the most! I love attending flashy weddings but what I have noticed is the flashiest couples and weddings are hiding the most secrets. I am not here to put anyone on blast, no, no, no, no, after  all you married him or her so you knew what you were getting into before you entered the union and others  found out!

I have a friend of mine who does not live in the same city as me; as a matter of fact she doesn’t even live in the same country. She was talking to one of her friends who lives in my city and asked me if I knew a particular person that the girl was mentioning. I said “I did not but have seen her around” she said “well I think she is getting a divorce because my friend (her friend) said she has pulled down all her wedding pictures from Facebook and has been spotted out taking pictures with no ring on”. “Oh really, that doesn’t surprise me in this city” I said “really” my friend replied, I said “yea men cheat left and right bc it’s so easy for them to do so here”. Now I am not saying it’s a Nigerian man thing to cheat (although many that make money feel entitled to do so) it’s a MAN thing to cheat and I am not saying all men cheat. Just so you all do not think I am a man hater because I am soooo not!

The person in question is one part of a popular couple, so when they got married it was a big deal eeevvvery body was at their wedding. I think I may have even crashed this wedding (don’t judge me lol). So even though the wedding was flashy clearly the break up is not (if it’s true). That whole conversation made me think of another situation that a friend was telling me about. Basically someone that she knew very well and knows the wife (then fiancé) saw the guy out with some other chick and knew the chick that the guy was out with. The girl called and asked the girl (side chick) what was up between her and the guy. The girl (side chick) let her know that they had been dating for a while now and had a sexual relationship. I know this is getting confusing lol keep in mind this was not the friend of the girl getting married; this is the friend of the friend to the girl who is getting married (whew). So recap there is the girl who actually knows the bride, that chicks friend saw the bride to be’s fiancé out with a chick she actually knows, called the girl up later to ask her whats up, then went back and told the friend who actually knows the bride to be, which at that point the friend to the bride wanted to say something to the actual bride. GOT IT LOL! Well the actual friend of the bride to be felt compelled to tell her what was going on bc the “side chick” didn’t know she was a side chick. Since the friend of the bride was not the person who actually saw the guy, the two women actually sat the girl down and told her what her man was doing. Obviously the girl was not open to hearing what was being said and cut the two girls off and proceeded to get married to a man who still keeps in touch with the “side chick” periodically. At that point, what is the reason for proceeding with the wedding? If a man is cheating on you that close to the wedding why would he stop ALL OF A SUDDEN once the wedding is over? For me I don’t know if I would walk away, stay, call the pastor, I just don’t know! I hope that story line wasn’t too confusing didn’t want to use names.

I am a firm believer that many of these women know what their men are doing but chose to over look those things because maybe the guy is well off and is providing the luxury and status they are looking for. Some women don’t really care about anything else but that, status, titles, and MONEY so they will put up with cheating and him gallivanting around town with his stripper chicks, side chicks, girlfriends, and the chick they smash on occasion.

I know another woman who is not Nigerian; she is actually Indian married to a black man. Her husband cheats on her left and right and she knows it. Her motto is that her husband makes over 250k a year and if she divorces him all that’s going to happen is some other chick is going to come in and take her place and snatch all the things she has worked for. Keep in mind its not like she is a bottom of the food chain chick she makes about 90k herself. I get what she is saying but I don’t know if I can respect it. I am not married and I am not in her shoes. But it sure makes me wonder what happened to the love aspect of marriage?

I know it still exist, right? I just feel that sometimes the Nigerian community  try’s to keep up with the Joneses or keep up with the “Okoye’s” it becoming too much. Should you sacrifice true love for some red bottoms and a trip to Dubai? I think not! As long as no one knows about their man’s infidelity they will keep up appearances like its all good. As soon as his secrets come to light now they want to make a stink about it, but the thing is nothing has changed, he has been cheating on you since day one and you knew that.

Every relationship works differently, some couples have that understanding and that’s what works for them. I guess the thing that puzzles me is, this isn’t the old days. The era of being at a man’s mercy like our grandmothers is over. Women these days are educated and paid very well, the only thing a woman NEEDS a man for is companionship. So why put up with the cheating? Not only are some of these men cheating but they aren’t even trying to hide it.

At the end of the day I can’t sit and judge anyone for what they choose to do. Many things about these on the scene flashy couples puzzle me but its their relationship. I guess I just wonder the mindset of the women that these guys are with, because these women can hold their own. Perhaps these ladies did indeed get what most women desire which is LOVE and Marriage but their husbands are just male ASHAWOS (Prostitutes) !!!!! Like the old saying goes “You can’t help who you fall in love with”.


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The End

How Well Do You Know Banky W?

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I had the pleasure of interviewing the handsome and talented Banky W. This was one of the most fun and candid interviews I have had with any artist. S/o to Banky for being a down to earth cool guy. Check out this throw back interview and tell me what you think!



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The world is screaming bring back our girls!!!! Mothers hearts are heavy with the thought of what their daughters are going through, women around the world relate to the ‘what if’  factor, what if that was me, my sister, cousin, friend… what if? How can we find these girls and take them out of the belly of the beast? Boko Haram has gotten some media attention but the young girls have brought much attention to the West African country of Nigeria. Here in the United States there were several marches to bring awareness to the cause, celebrities have posted pictures , tweets, hash tags ect about this situation in Nigeria.

justin t

Everyone is saying PRAY!!! PRAY!!! PRAY!!! Pray for the return of these girls. Yes I am a Christian, I love some Jesus (He’s my homey) but I am a firm believer that God helps those that helps themselves. What people should be asking is what is the Nigerian government doing to get these girls back?  I watched a video on CNN with the Boko Haram “Leader” saying how he sells women. If you watched the same video I saw, he looked shabby and he didn’t speak well, he sounded as if he was a bit mentally slow and the guys behind him looked even worse! So why is it Nigeria, the GIANT of Africa cannot put money together to flush the fools out? Wasn’t it Goodluck  Jonathan’s daughter who recently got married, and custom-made gold iphones were given away as a thank you to guest for attending? For a country where a vast majority of its citizens are living well below the poverty line by any country’s standards that sure is a lavish gift to give! Not only were iphones given away…. Excuse me GOLD plated iphones but the new couple received about 80 cars given to them by different governors and contractors invited to the wedding. I say all this not because I am hating, more power to them whoo hoo for love and money, but not stolen money. That whole wedding was funded with stolen money that should go to the people. What do two people need with 80 cars? Did they even think to donate those cars that they would probably never use for a good cause?

As I was listening to NPR today they reported eight more girls have been taken!!! EIGHT MORE!!!! In that same segment it was said that the United States has sent a team into Nigeria to find the girls. Apparently five years ago when this whole Boko Haram mess started the United States offered assistance but the Nigerian Government said no. Let’s just let that sink in for a minute….. still sinking in. Yes the Nigerian Government said no and on more than one occasion. Why you ask? Because the government thought it would be shameful or embarrassing to ask for outside help. More embarrassing than having thousands of your people killed for…. hmm good question. Yes people this is what you call PRIDE. It gets the best of us but dang really?! This whole Boko Haram thing could have been nipped in the bud a long time ago.

Spokesman Jay Carney said “time is of the essence.” He urged the Nigerian government to ensure that it is using all available resources to ensure the safe return of the girls. Now lets examine that statement “He urged the Nigerian government to ensure that it is using all available resources to ensure the safe return of the girls” hmmmm all available resources. I could go on another rant about how the government is corrupt and all the resources are in a few people’s accounts not trickling down to anyone else, but HEY you already know that story.

I know I sound as if I am just bashing the Nigerian government but the honest truth is this, Western and European countries don’t expect more from black nations. Why should they when Africa always has its hand out looking for aid when all the leaders have the funds in their account. If the money of Nigeria was working for Nigeria, there would be a top of the line Military, with top of the line weapons, the best trained Soldiers ect. Instead you can’t tell if the Soldiers are Boko Haram or is Boko Haram are the Soldiers. Nigeria is a black Nation that does not need any outside help. These girls should have never been taken and when the first group of girls was taken there should have been more done to make sure nothing like this happens again. Unfortunately more were abducted. If this directly affected the officials of Nigeria everyone in the world would have heard that day. If it were not for ALL this media attention Goodluck would be sitting in his home with one of those custom-made gold iphones minding his own business. It is safe to say that man does not care what happens to his people!


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