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An orgasm for most women is a myth. Yes the magical O. Some women will go their whole marriage and never experience an orgasm. Many women don’t even experience a vaginal orgasm until their 30’s. Not only are we complicated emotionally but physically too. If a man can give a woman a proper orgasm consistently it would be hard for her to leave.

Women are more than physical, we require emotional attention as well. What you do 24 hours in advance to you having sexual intercourse with your woman really matters.  Some women are simple so showering her with sweet text messages throughout the day, or putting a love note in her purse unexpectedly will get her juices flowing long before you even think of getting in the bed for the night. If the woman is a shopper surprise her with her with a purse, hell even if she isn’t a shopper a nice hand bag is never a bad idea. If you live together have her daily chores done such as dishes, clean the living area, do the laundry ect you get the idea. Sweet nothings really help you in the sense of getting sex on a regular basis and it helps her bc she is more sexually excited to have sex with you. This is how you get one step closer to giving her the big O.

Statistically 80% of women have never had an orgasm. No fellas it’s not that these women have not met the right man, it’s just some women take a little more TLC to get there if you know what I mean. You have to be willing to put in the work. In order to give a woman a vaginal orgasm you have to know what you are looking for. Using your index or middle finger enter the woman’s vaginal area and about 2/3’s in you should feel a kind of rough spongy area; this area is called the “G-spot”. At this point you want to take time and listen to your lady, if she is feeling right she will let you know through her movements and sounds if it’s not feeling right well…. you will know that too! Also by feeling around with your finger you will have an idea of the area you need to target when having intercourse. The key thing is to listen to your woman’s body, that will tell you if what you are doing is correct.


Most people are familiar with the clitoral orgasm; typically women who cannot get a vaginal orgasm are very familiar with a clitoral orgasm.  The major difference between the vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm is the location, so fellas if at first you don’t succeed try again but with a different method! The clitoris is very sensitive so be gentile with it. If you are reading this chances are you are not in high school any more so moving the finger back and forth over the clitoris in a fast motion will not cut it. You can massage it first with your hand, maybe use a vibrating toy to stimulate sensation, but the best and most selfless thing to do is to stimulate her orally. If you are going to take that step and go there make sure you have done your research. There is nothing worse than a guy ACTING like he knows what he is doing. She will tell you what to do if for whatever reason you didn’t get around to researching things and also listen to her body.

So guys what have we learned today? We learned that women are much more likely to have sex with you when she sees you when you actually show some effort, and the effort doesn’t always have to be major, but you can never go wrong with a nice hand bag. You also learned how to find the G- spot and that oral stimulation on the clitoris is awesome as long as you do it right! Take this info and go make some lovely lady happy!

“Oh I’m Celibate”

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When women get together and talk we can be worse than men sometimes. Naturally we are detailed in many aspects of life so why wouldn’t we be when it comes to talking about sex? When we (women) are in the midst of telling some juicy sex gist there is always one chick that is like “Hmm I wouldn’t know about that I don’t have sex”. Can we say Debbie downer?!  Why do we need to know you are celibate? Celibate lets me know you have had sex so if someone is talking about d*** you know exactly what it is and have dealt with it, probably on several occasions. Why act brand new, getting the d is like riding a bike, you never forget!



Do not get me wrong if there are people out there who have decided to go that route, great for you!!! I am symbolically clapping for you. I just do not feel like I need to know. There are men who choose this path but they are not loud about it. They tell the woman they are dating as they should, but they aren’t around announcing it to the world. WOMEN lawd lawd lawd want to tell everyone! “Hey look at me, I don’t have sex” “ A penis no, no, no I have seen one in 3 years” “whoa girl I haven’t had sex in so long, but that guy right there; IF I was having sex girl he could get it”. It’s too much, it really is. How many people do you hear walking around talking about “Hey look at me I’m f******” “Just in case you all were wondering I AM SEXUALLY ACTIVE” “I can hardly wait to my next piece of D”. I don’t know about you but I have never heard a woman say this, but yet the Celibatians (I just gave them that name lol not an actual term) feel like they need to let everyone know. I guess maybe they feel like it is winning them some brownie points somewhere.

When I hear a Celibatian speak, celebrating how they aren’t getting any to people who really don’t care (its true we don’t) I always think, there is a reason why this woman is celibate and telling everyone! Some women just want to wait until they are married after they have “slipped” and had sex with someone who maybe didn’t appreciate them.  Scenario two they were getting down with everyone and decided hey I am on the borderline of being a hoe let me cease and desist giving up the booty for a while.  When I hear women say that she doesn’t have sex I always think the latter. I could be wrong but that’s what pops into my head. Usually when people do something extreme there is a reason for it.

I think being celibate is not easy and everyone that is participating in that currently my hats off to you but just keep it to yourself until you meet the person you want to be with and tell them because in all actuality that is the only person that needs to know what you are doing and have done with your vagina.


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Is That All?

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She doesn't look happy!

She doesn’t look happy!


Mom, Dad, Brothers, Church Members, any adult that is easily offended, please do me a favor and do not read this blog!!!! I repeat if you are offended easily do not read this blog. You have been WARNED.


Last week it was a friend of mines birthday and so we celebrated by having a birthday dinner for her (my social life has been quite active for the past few weeks hence the reason why there hasn’t been a blog) and we had the hottest guy as our waiter, which I kindly harassed. He came over and I was like “my my my aren’t you cute?!” lol Yes I am THAT friend. He chuckled and was a good sport about it, but when he left we had a convo about his nationality. He looked like he may have been Asian and White or just a White guy with really slanted eyes. Which prompted one of the girls to hold her thumbs up with a frown on her face, which made all the other ladies laugh; I was clueless as to what the laughter was about.  Then she replied with “He probably has a small ****” I was like “Really, why do you say that?” she said “I don’t know I just get that vibe”. Then one of the other ladies chimed in saying there was…. Key word WAS a guy she was going to “get with” but his man part was the sized of her index finger and she could not possibly waste a number (sleep with) on a guy with a small penis. All of a sudden the small penis stories poured out! I was shocked! I didn’t know it was so common.

All the men they were talking about were Black or African. I thought the myth was that Black guys have huge penises not to even mention guys from Africa!!! Am I missing something? Isn’t this the myth that White people have created that Black and African men have big ol Mandingos? I was super shocked!

I asked them if the guys at least made money and they said not really lol. Well damn pick a struggle! How are you going to be broke and have a below average penis? They did say the men they mentioned were skilled in their head game, which I guess you have to be, I mean…. Come on!

The question was presented could you marry someone with a well below average penis if their head game was on point? One lady spoke up and said yes if he had everything else she looked for in a man. That means she would be willing to endure a small penis for the rest of her life!  The other ladies were not so sure about that, their faces were turning every which way, heads were shaking, it was a tossup. I mean that’s a hard pill to swallow. He has EVERYTHING you need but has a small penis hmmm. The final vote was NO they needed him to at least have an average size penis. They just could not bear the thought of having a guy on top of them making “love” to them and not being able to feel anything (YIKES). But HEY that’s what you have vibrators, oral sex, and whatever other kinky things are out there for.

Fellas if you KNOW you have a small penis (and you know don’t front) do yourself a favor and be super successful. I know some guys will read this and be like “whatever” how much do you make” but I am not the one with a small penis soooo that is irrelevant. When men say they want a woman that is tall, educated with more degrees than a thermometer light/ dark skin blah blah blah, that’s what they go for. SIMPLE! Men will not settle for anything less than what THEY feel they deserve, so why should a woman settle for a broke small penis man?!

Small penis guys, yes you reading this I am going to give you some free advice (I normally charge for this) do yourself a favor be well spoken, dress nice, be a gentleman, and make money. Did I mention how you should make lots of money? It may sound harsh but it’s a lot easier to accept a man with a small penis when he is standing tall on his bank account (just saying). No it does not mean a woman should accept him treating her any kind of way or anything of that nature but it just makes that small penis pill a little easier to swallow, it helps with the guys short comings (yes that was a little shade).

I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on men with small penises. Have you ever run into a guy that’s not packing and if so what did you do?

I know there is going to be some hating guys that will want to comment, but before you do just know that we will all know you have a small penis because that’s the only guys I really see commenting on this blog. If you have a small penis it’s ok, someone has to have them.


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